Why add another field for a headline to a custom content element when there's already the default one? Moar fields you say? Nah. Read on.

By default fluidcontent will render csc's header above any custom content element. To disable that we can remove it all along in TS:

tt_content.fluidcontent_content.10 >

Downside of this approach is that no header would be rendered with any custom content element. This is not a real problem as the current record is accessible in each template through the variable {record} so {record.header} gives us the headline. Without any markup. Fine, you might say, let's add some more fields to control that but why the hassle when it's all there?

We can simply render the headline manually as it would have been done by csc with:

<f:cObject data="{record}" typoscriptObjectPath="lib.stdheader" />