"Oh yes, sure, another blog. Just what the web needs…" I hear you nagging and until lately I'd be with you. Mostly not because of the "Why?" as everybody blogs these days but because of the "What?".

Back in 2011 I attended a quite interesting and motivating talk by Christian Schäfer and Stefan Koopmanschap at the Symfony Day in Cologne, about open source software and what contributing to the OSS community also means. Now, in my everyday job as a webdeveloper I spend a lot of time looking for solutions to WTF I encounter on a daily base. Countless times these solutions are absurdly simple compared to the time and energy they ate up finding them and sometimes I don't find a solution at all.

Additionally - and that's a thing I am really happy about - since around late 2012 I am involved in the FluidTYPO3 project by Claus Due aka @NamelessCoder together with @cedricziel which is another rich source for things to spread the word about.

So there we have a topic for a blog: Share these findings and get feedback. Simple as that.

Let's see where this is going.